Former AC/DC Drummer Chris Slade Resurfaces In MIWA

Posted on June 12, 2011 by Skid

Former AC/DC Drummer Chris Slade Resurfaces In MIWA

June 12, 2011

Drummer Chris Slade, best know for his work on AC/DC’s ‘Razors Edge’ album, has resurfaced in the band MIWA. Joined by Miwa on vocals and Sean Lee on guitars, MIWA released their debut album ‘My Wish Is Your Command’ on January 1st. Also featured on the album is Bjorn Englen (current bass player for Yngwie Malmsteen). Bjorn played on the title track while myself Sean Lee and Dave Forman played bass on the rest of the songs. The 10 song album can be purchased at, and for a limited time is only $7.99.

The band has also released a video for the first single from the album. The video for “Finally Found You” was recorded in the Mojave Desert and can be viewed below.

‘My Wish Is Your Command’ track list:
01. Finally Found You
02. Playing With Fire
03. My Wish Is Your Command
04. Crazy
05. Gimme What You Got
06. Point Seven
07. Samenaide
08. Virus
09. Kizu
10. Without You

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