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MIWA – ‘Hell Is Real’ 

Review by jennytate “Rock Queen Reviews”
February 20, 2020

An American heavy metal band, with female vocals, named after its Japanese vocalist, MIWA also features Billy Sheehan on bass, Sean Lee and Mitch Perry, on guitars and Sean Elg, on drums. The debut album featured Chris Slade (AC/DC), on drums and Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen), on bass.

An LA-based band, so heavy, it verges on death metal, MIWA have already received positive acclaim, from fans.

The Darker Of The Darkest Of The Dark – Launching straight into a classic metal intro, powered by confident, heavy riffs and thundering drums. That voice is instantly memorable, with its razor blade sharp acuity and grit-soaked gravel, all the more memorable, for coming from a woman. Echoing Space Parasites slightly, but there’s a rawness to those riffs, complete with a unique edge, delivered with total fluidity. Melodically strong, harmonising towards the end. Drumming driving it along, to a clear, definitive end.

Devil’s Avocation – Drum intro, breaking things down, into a rolling hook of a track. Those cheese grater riven vocals are really edgy. This one just rolls along, with darkened intent and a classic old school atmosphere. Smoking riffs and a nostalgic rhythm and melody. Speed rocks it hard, as it pounds along. Almost animalistic, in its delivery. Raw and bloody.

Hell Is Real – Slide electric riff intro, moving into a new, smooth, feminine vocal. Fast-paced rhythm, riven with catch and still, there’s an edge to the vocals. Drums completing the steady reliability and drive of the rhythm. Growing harder, heavier and wilder, as it rolls on. This has a unique stamp on it and this is one band with real chemistry.

Anything For Love – Powerful mighty riff opening. Back into those crackle glass vocals. There’s a real catchy sexiness to this pace. It drags you along with it, in the heightened atmosphere of rock ‘n’ roll excess. Such a 90’s hair metal touch to it. Just delicious. A real full-bodied sound, just filled with metallic passion.

One Single Bullet – Skidding into that intro steer, it hits its stride instantly, again. So much edge in those vocals, gleaming with metal spirit. Drums gaining heavier volume, bringing slabs of molten steel. Loving the electrified riffage, adding the precision and feeling. Closing with vocal definition, once more.

No Smoke Without Fire – Steering slide riffage intro’s. Vocals coming straight in, without missing a beat. Slight echoes here of Action City Blackout’s ‘Down In Flames’. So sexy and stacked with genuine metal ecstasy. Sirens trace the line in the mid-section, before the rock ‘n’ roll emphasis makes its mark, in a seamless ending.

Born In Bondage – Full on heaviness introing! Immediate rhythmic catch. Classic metal lyrics, completing the visual imagery. It’s smooth, sensuous and delightful. Get lost in that melody, as the riffs make their mark on your heart. Coming to a cohesive, harmonised end.

Cage Of Domination – More of that awesomely powerful sexy riffage intro’s. Right into the theme! Heavily sexy lyrics, delivered with feeling. Brave stuff to bring to the fore and bound to prove a hit. The title speaks for itself). This one just drives itself, effortlessly.

Cursed Without Warning – Drum intro, pounding out the rhythm, from the start, setting the scene well. Smoother vocals again here. Great to hear that passion and don’t be fooled by the smoothness, cos it gets raw, edgy and gravelly, all over again. Similar lyrical themes to the last. Fabulous pace, very much dictated by the drums. Palpable stuff and lots of visual evocations. Glorious darkness cloaks this track in blackness. All achieved with melodic consistency and vocal shades. Coming to a shuddering halt.

The Devil’s Fingerprints – Sharp riffage building an instant picture. Moving into another furied rhythm. Catchy drumming, sexily paced. Vocals doing their thing, again, with impassioned gore, while the riffs heat up and the melody hits you, with a palpable edge. Blood-drenched lyrics, fitting the sound, like a glove. Fast-paced number, executed with absolute razor-sharp precision. Closing on a vicious scream.

Overall – Pure metal fury, in glorious overdrive. Passionate performance, hitting its pace, from start to end. Sexy, driven and metallically wild. The quality and style of vocal rawness will stay with you and the stratospherically powered accompaniments will rage in your brain, forever.

10/10 **********

For fans of Space Parasites, Zeit, Action City Blackout, Carcass.

Wow Jenny, I just found your review. This is so great! We are so happy that you love our METAL music! Please tell me how to get in touch with you. We have a new album coming out in the near future that is going to be amazing and I’d love to send you a copy.

Sean \m/

Hi Sean,

Great, thanks for getting in touch! You’re welcome. Really pleased you’re so happy with it). Ace, that sounds good to me! Okay, you can email me at and I look forward to receiving it!)

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